#2- Sensory Evaluation

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my second entry! It has been 17 days since my first entry and it has been quite busy. I have improved my cooking skills and learned new ones as well. It has been a rollercoaster ride, but I am managing just fine.


5 Great Alternatives to Typical Fast Food – Sweet Spot Nutrition. (2015). Retrieved February 05, 2016, from http://sweetspotnutrition.ca/healthy-fast-food/

Today I went to the nearest food place in my neighbourhood that I have been to before but did not really appreciate; Mucho Burritos. But, let’s start with a little backstory.

I have only visited twice in a span of 5 years living nearby it and only ordered a burrito bowl. My friends had the hype over burritos that I did not really understand, so I went along and had my first burrito bowl 2 years ago. The first one was okay, I guess. I got a glimpse of the hype, but it was very brief- 3 bites? I tried to finish it but it just did not happen; I never really had an interest in burritos or any Mexican foods for some unknown reasons. Recently, though, Summer of 2015, I went back again just to relive the experience. I ordered the same thing and to be genuinely honest, it did not taste any better than my first. The presentation was sloppy and the taste did not have any impact on me.

The only difference, this time, was a not so typical chocolate brownie caught my attention. I was about to order it when I read the tag that said “HOT CHOCOLATE MEXICAN BROWNIE”. I had second thoughts because I was not fond of spicy and sweet foods and what more if they are mixed together as a dessert? Right???

However, two seasons has passed and I decided to come back for it due to a school assignment. Today, I went to Mucho Burritos for the third time and got myself a Hot Chocolate Mexican Brownie fresh from the oven (but obviously it was cooled down before being served). 3-5 feet away from it, just as it was being brought to me, there was no special aroma. It smelled just like a regular brownie; sweet and chewy. Even the visual presentation was very traditional; cut in cubes with nuts on top. Nothing special, really, but the idea that I knew it is not just a typical brownie got me at the edge of my seat.


Dessets – Mucho Burrito. (n.d.). Retrieved February 05, 2016, from http://muchoburrito.com/desserts/

As soon as it was served to me, I “inspected” it. It did look very plain still, but the aroma suddenly changed. As I smelled it again, the spice hit my nostrils. The smell of the cayenne pepper was strong enough to overpower the sweetness of the cocoa powder. One serve was at least 4″ x 4″, moist, and fudge-y/chewy. First bite and it tasted nothing like a “hot” brownie. It was sweet, with a pinch of salt and very typical. But after several more bites, just as I was about to finish a piece, the distinct taste of cayenne pepper lingered as an aftertaste for a long while. It was spicy. I ordered two but only finished one.

I thought it was very unique. I tried to find something that reminds me of it, but couldn’t. It was my first time eating a spicy brownie and everything was very new to me; the idea of it, the combinations of the possible flavours that could play in my mouth, they all just blended well together and worked out. It was a refreshing feeling to be able to eat something new and different from the usual.

I plan to eat more of it in the future just to recall how it changed my palate, broadened my ideas in foods, taught me how to take more risk in eating everything I have an interest in or I can just experiment by myself.

RATE: ***/*****


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